Table Booking

We would love to welcome you at The Old Storehouse. We are a Traditional Irish Bar and Restaurant. We can seat approximately 150 customers for food at any one time in an informal bar/pub arrangement. In order to give all our customers the opportunity to eat at a time that suits them, on a table of their choice, we only accept reservations for groups of 6+. If you are a party of 5 or less simply arrive and you will be seated on the very next available table. There is rarely a wait but should it take a few minutes to prepare a table for you, why not have a drink at our bar and listen to our Live Traditional Irish Music session. You will find all our current menus listed on the MENU tab of this website. We do hope that you find the above policy convenient and we look forward to your visit.

Our opening hours are:

General Bar ~ Daily 11am to 01.30am

General Food / Kitchen ~ Daily 11.45am to 21.00pm

Weekends Bar ~ 11am to 02.30am

Weekends Food / Kitchen ~ 12.00pm to 22.00pm

Group Booking

We fully understand for larger groups of 7 or more persons and you may find it hard to get seating together if we are very busy. As such we can hold tables or reserve an area for groups up to 18.30 latest on any day. If this suits you and you wish to make a reservation please emailĀ us at [email protected] . An 18.30 booking may be earlier than your ideal start but we will have a good atmosphere at this guaranteed table available time. There will be no pressure to vacate your tables early and we will have live music all evening. If however you would like to dine later in the evening we can offer to seat you on the next available tables after your arrival. If there is a short delay while we prepare tables for you, why not have a drink at our bar and enjoy the music session. Weekdays our kitchens are open until 21.00 and 22.00 on weekends. Lastly we would love to see you and would appreciate your custom

Venue Hire and Corporate Bookings

We have a wide range of spaces available to suit almost every possible requirement. From a semi-private restaurant space to seat 25 guests to full bar and restaurant hire to accommodate 350 guests we have options for you. Added to this we have a private snug bar that is suitable for up to 45 guests in an informal tavern style. We have hosted parties, launches, corporate incentive trips, weddings, presentations, celebration dinners, etc. We are certain we can make your next event a great success. Please email us on [email protected] for a full outline of the flexible food, drink and live entertainment possibilities we can propose. We are happy to discuss any plans that you might have and always try hard to be professional and flexible in our approach.



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